Product Recovery Systems = Pigging

Pigging is a method of recovering raw and intermediary materials, and finished goods from piping systems, increasing yield and eliminating waste.

Product recovery pigging is used in a number of industries including lubricants, specialty chemicals, personal care, and food & beverage.

Range of Application in Production Plants:

  • Bulk product receiving and shipping
  • Raw material transfer and dosing
  • Transfer between processes
  • Product transfer to filling lines

Limited only by your imagination

Beyond large oil pipelines, Pigging Systems are also applicable for:

  • Coatings, inks and adhesives
  • Sealants and waterproofing
  • Lubricants and grease
  • Personal care products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Washing and cleaning agents
  • Food and beverage products

Environment and Sustainability


Higher Profits, Productivity & Efficiency


Increased Production, Reduced Downtime

Pigging provides a sustainable solution to product changeovers by recovering product, reducing waste, lowering the consumption of cleaning agents and water, and eliminating disposal costs.

Pigging improves productivity and efficiency through higher yields, reduced cycle time and faster changeovers. The results are higher profits and ROI.

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Launchers (single and dual pig)
Receivers (single and dual pig)
In-line Pig stop
3-way valves
Piping systems
Automation and controls
Turnkey packages

Element6 Solution’s pigging technology is designed to optimize transfer operations and minimize product losses by efficiently emptying and cleaning product transfer lines. Our custom solutions enable multiple fluids to be transfered in a common line without cross-contamination.


Sizes: 1″ through 6″ tubing or pipe
Materials: Stainless Steel and carbon steel

*Silicone free for paint service on request

Codes: ASME B31.3
Certification: CRN as required

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